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Silicone Dab Rigs
  • Mini Nector Collector

    Mini Nector Collector

    This themed nectar collector kit features a unique design that allows the nectar collector to function both dry and wet. The internal chamber with perc allows you to put water inside for diffusion and cooling. This collector is 4" tall and made from pure food grade...

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  • Nectar Collector Kit

    Nectar Collector Kit

    Silicone nectar collector is a portable dab rig used for dabbing shatter or wax. The materials are made of heat resistant food grade silicone. It also comes with a titanium tip and has water filtration so that when you're dabbing shatter at high temperatures, you can take...

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  • Nectar Collector Dab Rig

    Nectar Collector Dab Rig

    This is the world's first silicone nectar collector rig. It functions just like a glass nectar collector but will never break if you drop it, and it's essential indestructible. This silicone rig can bend, fold and easily be stored away in a backpack or purse without...

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  • Dab Rigs For Wax

    Dab Rigs For Wax

    The Silicone Dab Rig allows for you to be adventurous, throw a party or travel without worrying about breaking your rig. Durability that rips! This nearly indestructible water pipe is made from silicone with a fixed diffused downstem and removable top to allow for easy...

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  • Wax Dab Rig

    Wax Dab Rig

    This cute 5-piece silicone dab rig is the perfect piece to vape - and stow - your favorite legal concentrate! Not only does the pipe itself have an easy grip surface to keep it from slipping from your fingers, it even comes with a built-in concentrate container hidden under...

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  • Oil Dab Rig

    Oil Dab Rig

    This silicone oil barrel rig features a diffused down stem to diffuse your favorite concentrate or tobacco. The platinum cured silicone is nearly indestructible to physical damage and heat resistant. The 14mm male bowl is made of glass, and can be easily removed for cleaning....

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  • Dab Rigs For Oil

    Dab Rigs For Oil

    The square silicone piece features a diffused down stem with four holes and an open end to get things bubbling in the chamber. This piece has a few features that make it a perfect all-in-one. First, it’s all silicone. That means you can drop it and throw it to your heart’s...

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  • Silicone Nector Collector

    Silicone Nector Collector

    This silicone nectar collector is the internet’s first indestructible silicone nectar collector. Firstly, this nectar collector comes in a wide variety of fun colors. One perfect for everyone. Made of 100% food grade silicone this nectar collector is made of the highest...

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  • Silicone Oil Rig

    Silicone Oil Rig

    Silicone And Glass Water Pipe The water pipe has a simple but unique shape made of a glass tube with a silicone sleeve and downstem. This setup allows you to watch the glass fill up with smoke, while providing some protection against shattering the top and bottom of the...

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  • Silicone Wax Rig

    Silicone Wax Rig

    9" Silicone Perc Oil Rig Unlike traditional silicone bongs, this piece features a see-through main chamber where one of the percolators is located. This bong stands about 9.5 inches tall and features a bent neck design. It can easily be dissembled for cleaning. In the...

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  • Silicone Dab Rig Bong

    Silicone Dab Rig Bong

    6" Portable Silicone Oil Rig This silicone bong is made out of food grade platinum cured silicone. It has a magnet for a lighter or a tool on the side of the downstem. Manufacture claims it is BPA free and that the product has been FDA approved. This silicone rig breaks...

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  • Micro Nectar Collector Kit

    Micro Nectar Collector Kit

    5" Portable Silicone Oil Rig Platinum cured silicone BPA-free (FDA approved) 14mm female joint Built-in silicone downstem Glass bowl (can be stored within pipe) Silky lanyard Non-stick Heat resistant Unbreakable Freezer safe

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