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Silicone Bongs
  • Strong Silicone Bong

    Strong Silicone Bong

    This 14 inch silicone bong is one of the most portable water bongs in head shops. There is a built-in silicone ice catcher and you can break this bong down into 2 pieces, making it really portable and easy to take around with you. Plus you can easily clean it when breaking it...

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  • Silicone Bong For Dry Herb

    Silicone Bong For Dry Herb

    This 10/14 inch tall silicone bong will come with a silicone down stem and a glass bowl! The widest point on the base is 4.25 inches across and the tube is nearly 2.5 inches in width. This piece is great for taking with on grand adventures. You'll never have to worry...

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  • Glow In The Dark Silicone Bong

    Glow In The Dark Silicone Bong

    Glow in the dark 14'' straight silicone bong 14mm joint Features: 1. Flavorless and odorless medical grade silicone 2. Folds to fit into the palm of your hand 3. Easy to clean/dishwasher safe 4. Cost effective, portable, durable, highly convenient 5. food grade silicone

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  • Silicone Bong For Smoking Weed

    Silicone Bong For Smoking Weed

    14" Silicone Beaker Water Pipe with Glass Bowl Features: Glass bowl Silicone diffused down stem 2-Piece water pipe Non-stick Heat resistant Unbreakable Freezer safe

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  • Glow In The Dark Bong

    Glow In The Dark Bong

    This silicone bong is as functional as it gets! With a beaker base that separates from the neck, you cut cleaning time in half. The down stem is also removable, so you can stay squeaky clean with minimal effort. The down stem also contains 6 diffusion slits that put the...

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  • Silicone Bong With Perc

    Silicone Bong With Perc

    This is the newly designed silicone hybrid 4-Arm Bong. This new twist on an old favorite combines the unbreakable design of the silicone bong together, with the clear and reliable functionality of a glass piece. The removable, optional multi-slit diffused 4 arm perc provides...

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  • Dry Herb Silicone Bong

    Dry Herb Silicone Bong

    Silicone beaker bong has features like a large hidden stash jar, pad/rolling tray, magnetic ring lighter holder, built in poker tool, and a 14mm glass on glass down stem and bowl. With these features, this bong surely stands out from the rest. There is no other bong on the...

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  • Silicone Bong Safe

    Silicone Bong Safe

    Silicone Pumpkin Bong with Glass Downstem and Bowl Are you that clumsy smoker looking for an indestructible bong to add to your collection, look no further. This compact pumpkin shaped bong has been constructed from food grade silicone that is able to withstand extreme...

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  • Silicone Bongs For Smoking

    Silicone Bongs For Smoking

    Silicone water pipes have grown in popularity for their unbreakable characteristic and ease of use. This silicone barrel water pipe features a unique design with a bent neck for a comfortable smoke session. This piece features a diffused down stem percolator for filtration...

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  • Silicone Water Bong

    Silicone Water Bong

    These Skull Bongs are super portable and easy to use. They are made of food-grade heat-resistant silicone that gives just as clean of a hit as a glass bong. The down stem is made of silicone too. If you want to travel with your skull bong, you can snap it in half so that it...

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  • Unbreakable Bong

    Unbreakable Bong

    Silicon bong, 9.5 inch/14 inch W/diffuser, glass bowl & stem color & glow in the dark. Features Rasta colors Removable ice catcher for a smoother smoke. Bendable, impact resistant and virtually indestructible with the exception of the glass bowl and down stem....

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  • Silicone Bong With Quartz Banger

    Silicone Bong With Quartz Banger

    Blaze your own trails! the silicone mini bong is a virtually indestructible silicone water pipe made from BPA free, food grade silicone that is easy to clean and travel with. Silicone Bong Features: FDA approved food grade silicone Bendable, unbreakable construction Removable...

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